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Strategic Bow Hunting for The Everyday Bow Hunter

I’m a retired U.S. Army Green Beret who is taking my Special Operations background and turning it into a new, more mobile way to hunt deer. I call strategic bow hunting. But, like you, I am just an everyday bow hunter who is learning how to be a better deer hunter with every hunt.

Join me on this journey and let’s all get better together.

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Plan. Adapt. Conquer.

Hello! I’m Mike Manley, The EveryDay Bow Hunter. I believe in the power of Strategic Bow Hunting – a methodical, adaptable approach that turns bow hunting into a science. I understand what it takes to Plan for every hunt, Adapt to changing conditions and animal movement, and Conquer my prey with deadly force and precision. Join me on the journey to being a better bow hunter and we’ll all master the art of bow hunting together.

Master Your Hunt

Learn how to elevate your bow hunting skills with Strategic Hunting 101. Get started by understanding the methodology behind how I prepare, plan, scout, and hunt, and start your journey towards better bow hunting. Dive deep into the heart of bow hunting with my comprehensive guides:

Learn Archery Hunting 101: Bow Hunting for Beginners here now.

Get started on your bow-hunting journey with this beginner’s guide that covers the basics and beyond.

Learn how to elevate your bow hunting skills with strategic hunting 101.

Learn how to prepare, plan, scout, and adapt for success in your hunt using Strategic Bow Hunting.

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Learn how to prepare and get prepared for archery season or your next hunt. The resources you need to start are here.


Set yourself up for success with every hunt. Learn to strategize and make calculated decisions for effective outcomes.


Master the art of scouting with our comprehensive guides. Discover how to spot signs that others often miss.


Explore diverse hunting techniques, enriched by personal experiences and expert advice. Make each hunt an unforgettable story.


From choosing the right equipment to its maintenance, get all the knowledge you need. Gear up for success with our helpful guides.


Have a bow hunting question or looking for an answer to one of the many already in our Question and Answer Forum? Go there for help now!

Bow Hunting Calculators

Take the guesswork out of your gear setup with my Bow Hunting Calculators. Designed to optimize your hunting experience, these handy tools provide accurate calculations for draw length, arrow speed, kinetic energy, FOC, and more.

Draw Length

Measure and Calculate your draw length in a minute. Get fast and accurate results here in just a few clicks now.

Arrow Weight Calculator

Optimize your arrows for your bow, what you are hunting, and for you. Calculate arrow weight fast here.

Arrow Speed Calculator

Dial in your arrow optimization and fine-tune your arrow speed, kinetic energy, and momentum here.

Latest Insights from the Field

Stay up-to-date with my recent posts packed with strategic hunting tips, gear reviews, and captivating stories from the great outdoors. Here’s our latest wisdom to help you master the hunt.

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About Me

Meet Your Guide: Mike, The Everyday Bow Hunter

My name is Michael Manley and I am more than just a seasoned bow hunter. I’m a retired U.S. Army Green Beret, a family man, a lover of the great outdoors, and an expert guide ready to share my wealth of knowledge and experience in the art of strategic hunting. Learn More About Me Here.

*I’ve crafted a comprehensive Strategic Hunting Guide to help you elevate your bow hunting skills—check it out.

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