Sitka Gear Equinox Guard Pants and Hoody Review

Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody & Pants Review

As an experienced bow hunter, I am actively seeking the best gear for early-season bow hunting. In my search, I have already thoroughly evaluated and reviewed the Asio Gear Lightweight Pants and Hoodie, the Huntworth Gadsden Lightweight Hunting 1/4 Zip pullover and Durham Lightweight Hunting Pants, as well as the Forloh Insect Shield SolAir Lightweight Pants and Hoodie.

Now, I am shifting my focus to Sitka’s Equinox Guard System by reviewing both the Pants and Hoody, both in the Subalpine Elevated II camo pattern. I am particularly interested in comparing them to the previous gear I have tested. My main criteria for the gear are comfort, moisture-wicking properties, water repellency, and ideally, insect protection. Additionally, I am looking for garments that can help me stay cool and beat the heat during the early hunting season. With these expectations in mind, I am excited to delve into this review. I am 5’8″ tall and 190 lbs. I wore a size large hoody and a size medium pants for this review.

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Reviewing Multiple Early Season Bow Hunting Clothing Systems
Here are the four early season bow hunting clothing systems I have tested over the last year from Forloh, Sitka, Huntworth, and Asio.

Review Criteria

My criteria for reviewing hunting clothing are based on a post I wrote about optimizing camouflage, scent, and stealth in bow hunting clothes. You can read about my methodology and criteria here. In addition to these criteria, for early-season hunting gear, I am looking for clothing that is quiet, comfortable, wicking, has water repellency, and ideally, provides insect protection. I also want the garments to help beat the heat in the early season and keep me cool.

Product Descriptions

Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody

The Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody is a high-performance hunting garment designed to offer protection against insects. It’s made from a lightweight, breathable, and stretchy fabric that’s comfortable and moisture-wicking, ideal for hot, humid conditions. The hoody features a built-in mesh facemask and a long tail that tucks into your pants, providing maximum coverage against chiggers and ticks. The fabric is treated with Insect Shield, which repels a variety of insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges. Despite its protective features, the hoody remains lightweight and comfortable, making it a practical choice for early-season bow hunting.

Sitka Equinox Guard Pants

The Sitka Equinox Guard Pants are built for the early season, offering a balance of breathability and durability. They are made from a 4-way stretch polyester fabric that is both quiet and comfortable. The pants feature reinforced knees for added protection and comfort, and cargo pockets with silent snaps for storing essentials. They also have a dedicated knife sleeve and an internal pocket system for keeping your gear organized. The pants are treated with Polygiene Odor Control Technology for enhanced scent control.

*Both the hoody and pants come in other camo variations and some solid colors as well.

Wearing the full Sitka Equinox Guard System with Pants and Hoody
Here I am wearing the Sitka Equinox Guard Pants and Hoody with Mask.

Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody and Pants Review

Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody Review

Price: $149

The Equinox Guard Hoodie truly surprised me with its fit and lightness. The moment I put it on, I noticed how well it fit my body. It was significantly more comfortable and better fitting than the Sitka Core Lightweight Hoodie I reviewed last year. The hoodie felt light on my body, which is a crucial factor when you’re out in the field for extended periods. The half-zip design allowed for excellent airflow, which was particularly beneficial when walking to my stand in the early season heat. Despite the warm conditions, the hoodie dried quickly from sweat or light rain, keeping me comfortable throughout my hunts.

The built-in face mask was another feature that stood out. It was lightweight and breathable, which made it comfortable to wear for extended periods. The Insect Shield treatment was a game-changer during my spring turkey hunting. I was in areas swarming with insects, but the hoodie kept most of them at bay. Despite the humid conditions, the hoodie remained breathable and comfortable, which is a testament to its design and the materials used.

Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody fits over the brim of your hat for full coverage
The Sitka Equinox Hoody fits over the brim of your hat completely.


  1. Lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for warm, muggy weather.
  2. Built-in face mask provides additional protection from insects.
  3. Insect Shield technology effectively keeps bugs away (The hood fits over the brim of your cap completely for full Insect Shield coverage).
  4. The Optifade Elevated II camouflage pattern is effective in confusing deer vision.
  5. The hoodie is extremely quiet and flexible, making it easy to draw your bow.


  1. It’s on the higher end of the price range, which might not be suitable for all budgets.
  2. While it offers excellent protection from insects, it lacks scent control features.

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Sitka Equinox Guard Pants Review

Price: $249

The Equinox Guard Pants are some of the best hunting pants I’ve worn. They’re slightly heavier than other early-season pants, which initially made me skeptical. However, after wearing them in the field, I found that this added weight made them more suitable for mid-season conditions, increasing their versatility. The pants feature zip vents on the sides, which I found to be extremely useful for cooling down during my hikes to the stand. Despite being heavier, they managed to keep me cool in the early season heat.

The water-resistant and durable fabric of the pants was another standout feature. They held up well in various conditions, making them excellent for bow hunting. The built-in leg gaiters were particularly effective during my hunts in buggy swamps and creek bottoms. I was constantly surrounded by ticks and other insects, but the pants kept them at bay, which was a huge relief. The Insect Shield treatment, combined with the built-in leg gaiters, provided an excellent level of protection against insects, which is a major concern during early-season hunts.

Sitka Equinox Guard Pants fit extremely well but might be a little warm for high temps.
The Sitka Equinox Guard Pants fit well but might be a little too warm for extremely high temperatures.


  1. Durable and water-resistant, with a design that resists abrasion from underbrush.
  2. Internal leg gaiters provide added protection from ticks and other insects.
  3. The Optifade Elevated II camouflage pattern is effective in confusing deer vision.
  4. The pants are equipped with hip zip vents for added breathability.
  5. The pants provide Polygiene Odor Control, but the website description does not specify if this is Polygiene Stay Fresh (an antimicrobial) or Polygiene Odor Crunch (an odor adsorber like activated carbon).


  1. The pants are expensive, which might not be suitable for all budgets.
  2. The pants are not as cool as you might expect from early-season pants, which could be a drawback in very hot weather environments.
  3. Not as quiet as I would like, but they are not terrible either. I assume it is the DWR treatment and built-in durability that keep them from being optimally quiet. In comparison to other products I have tested for early-season use, these pants were the noisiest in a group of very quiet pants.

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When it comes to camouflage, I have strong feelings about the effectiveness of disruption-style patterns. They’re designed to confuse and distort a deer’s vision, making the hunter blend seamlessly into the environment and this is extremely important when bow hunting. Sitka’s Optifade Elevated II camouflage pattern, which is used in the Equinox Guard Hoodie and Pants, is a prime example of this style.

Sitka has been an innovator in the field of deer vision-optimized camouflage. They’ve conducted extensive studies to understand how deer perceive their environment and have used this knowledge to design their camouflage patterns. The Optifade Elevated II pattern is a testament to this research. It uses a combination of micro and macro patterns to create a disruptive effect, which is particularly effective in confusing deer vision and is optimized for elevated, tree stand hunting.

The pattern is a mix of light and dark colors, which helps to break up the human silhouette at both close and long ranges. This is crucial when bow hunting, as it allows the hunter to get closer to the deer without being detected. The pattern is also versatile and works well in a variety of environments, from open fields to dense forests.

In my personal experience, the Optifade Elevated II pattern has been very effective. It’s allowed me to blend into my surroundings and get closer to deer than I’ve been able to with other patterns. The effectiveness of the pattern, combined with the other features of the Equinox Guard Hoodie and Pants, makes this combo a great choice for early-season bow hunting.

Wearing the entire system while conducting the Sitka Equinox Hoody and Pants Review.
This is me showing off my full Sitka Equinox Guard System.


In this Sitka Equinox Guard Hoodie and Pants Review, I found that both are high-quality options for early-season bow hunting. They offer a great balance of comfort, durability, and practical features like the side zip vents on the pants and the built-in mask on the hoodie. While they are on the higher end of the price range, their versatility and performance justify the investment. However, if you’re on a budget, you might want to consider other options. Despite the lack of scent control, I would definitely recommend both the hoodie and pants for their overall quality and effectiveness in the field.

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