The FOC Calculator Diagram. This will help you learn what arrow FOC is.

What is Arrow FOC?

Arrow FOC, or Arrow Front of Center, is a term that refers to the percentage of total arrow weight (TAW) that is located in the front half of the arrow. The concept is crucial for understanding how your arrow will fly. A higher FOC means more weight is concentrated toward the arrow’s tip, which results in better downrange accuracy and penetration.

Why Is Arrow FOC Important? (Year-Round, Most Relevant During Pre-Season Setup)

Understanding your arrow’s FOC is not just for gearheads; it’s for anyone who wants to make the most accurate and lethal shots possible. A higher FOC can help your arrow stabilize more quickly in flight, making it less susceptible to wind drift and other environmental factors. This is especially important when taking long shots or when hunting big game where penetration is critical.

*Use the Arrow FOC Calculator Here

A well-balanced FOC percentage can ensure solid arrow flight and improve penetration when harvesting an animal.  The average FOC for hunting arrows is between 11 and 15 percent.  A high FOC is considered to be an arrow with over 20 percent FOC.

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