The FOC Calculator Diagram. This will help you learn what arrow FOC is.

What is the Best FOC for Hunting Arrows?

When it comes to the best arrow FOC for hunting arrows, there’s a bit of debate, but here’s my take.

The best FOC for hunting arrows is between 13% and 15% and I try to get my forward of center right around that 15% mark.  This range seems to offer a good balance between accuracy and penetration. I’ve found that arrows with an FOC in this range stabilize quickly but still pack enough punch to get the job done on big game. If you are using a heavy arrow setup and want to achieve maximum penetration, you can optimize your arrows to have a FOC of over 15% if you can properly tune the arrow. 

A lot of bow hunters who use heavy carbon arrows over 550 grains need a heavy broadhead and insert setups on their arrows to achieve FOC’s of 18% or more.  When properly tuned, these types of heavy arrow, high FOC setups can assist with achieving maximum penetration on deer, elk, wild boars, and bears when bow hunting.

How Do I Calculate My Arrow’s FOC?

Calculating your arrow’s FOC isn’t as complicated as it sounds. First, you’ll need to find the arrow’s balance point. This is the spot where the arrow balances perfectly on a narrow edge. Measure the distance from the throat of the nock to this balance point in inches. Then, measure the total length of the arrow from the throat of the nock to the end of the shaft.

Use these measurements in the standard FOC formula found in my FOC Calculator here. Plug in your numbers, and you’ll get your arrow’s FOC as a percentage. It’s that easy.

Heavy vs light arrows, arrow weight or arrow speed. Maximize this with the best FOC for hunting arrows which is around 15%.
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