The Arrow FOC Calculator

Arrow FOC Calculator: Measure & Calculate FOC Fast

Are you looking to improve your arrow performance and accuracy? One crucial factor that can make a significant difference is the FOC or the front-of-center balance of your arrow. Having the right FOC can affect your arrow’s trajectory, penetration, and even how it flies through the air.

But how can you measure and calculate FOC accurately? In this blog post, we will introduce you to the Arrow FOC Calculator, a simple tool that can help you determine your arrow’s FOC quickly and easily.

With the Arrow FOC Calculator, you can take the guesswork out of your arrow setup and ensure that your arrows are properly balanced for your hunting or target shooting needs. Keep reading to learn how to measure and calculate your arrow’s FOC fast now.

*If you don’t know how to use the calculator below, see the How to Measure FOC instructions and graphic below it.

The Arrow FOC Calculator

The Arrow FOC Calculator Diagram

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How Do You Calculate FOC?

If you don’t know how to use the calculator above already, FOC is calculated by getting two key measurements. First, find where you can balance the arrow using a pen, pencil, nail, or something similar. Mark this “Balance Point” on your arrow. Then take the following steps and take all measurements in inches.

  1. Measure from the throat of the nock to the Point of Balance. This is your Point of Balance (POB) measurement.
  2. Then measure from the back of your field point to the throat of the knock. This is your Total Length (TL) measurement.
  3. Then divide the total length measurement by 2. This gives you half of the TL measurement. (.5TL)
  4. Then subtract half the total length measurement from the point of balance measurement. (POB – .5TL)
  5. Then multiply the result of Step 4 by 100.
  6. Then divide the result of Step 5 by the Total Length found in Step 2.

The example below follows the exact steps listed above:

  1. POB – 18 inches
  2. TL – 27.5 inches
  3. 27.5 / 2 = 13.75
  4. 18 – 13.75 = 4.25
  5. 4.25 x 100 = 425
  6. 425 / 27.5 = 15.45% FOC

Arrow FOC is measured as the percentage of weight that is in the front end of your arrow. It is determined based on the balance point of your arrow and the percentage of distance the balance point is from the back of the field point or broadhead. It is recommended to use field points and not broadheads when measuring your arrows.

The FOC calculator here will allow you to test your arrows and see if they fit the percentage of FOC you are trying to achieve. To get the full picture of how capable your arrows are, it is also important to understand their speed, kinetic energy, and momentum. It all matters when trying to create the perfect arrow setup for your bow.

Calculate your arrow’s FOC percentage in just two steps using the calculator above. Make sure you take your measurements using the guidelines in the graphic above too.

What is the Best FOC for Hunting Arrows?

The best FOC percentage for arrows depends on the type of archery activity you are doing. The forward-of-center percentage for arrows and its application to your archery event makes a difference. Here are a few common recommendations for different archery activities from some of the top arrow vendors in the USA.

  • FITA (Olympic Style) – 11% to 16%
  • 3-D Archery – 6% to 12%
  • Field Archery – 10% to 15%
  • Bow Hunting – 10% to 15%
  • High FOC Hunting Arrows – 15 to 30%

What are High FOC Arrows?

High FOC arrows are growing in popularity with Bow Hunters because they are extremely effective at improving their accuracy and lethality. A high FOC helps arrows fly straighter and it improves the ability of fletchings to steer the arrow to its intended target. A high FOC arrow is normally considered any arrow that is over 15%.

Some hunters have adopted strategies that include using extremely light carbon arrows coupled with high-weight inserts and broadheads to achieve upwards of 25- 30% in some cases.

This is because high FOC, coupled with the right broadhead, can increase penetration on an animal by focusing the energy of the shot to the front of the arrow, assist in passing through bone and other obstacles, and ensure animals fall dead within seconds versus minutes or hours.


Understanding what the arrow foc calculator here can do to help you maximize the effectiveness of your arrows and allow you to push more mass at your intended target right where you want it to be. This is a balancing act and when you add too much weight at the front of your arrows, you will see that it can affect their flight and tuning.

Find a good starting spot for what you are doing and go from there. This will show you the positive and negative effects of different focs. Good luck!

*Remember, optimizing your arrows begins at the time of purchase. Learn how to buy arrows the right way and you will optimize your arrow-tuning process.

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