What is the Best Anchor Point for Drawing a Bow?

The best anchor point for drawing a compound bow can vary depending on you and your preferences, form, and equipment. However, there are some common anchor points used by many bow hunters, which provide a good starting point:

  1. The corner of the mouth: Many archers anchor their index finger at the corner of their mouth. This is a popular anchor point because it’s easy to find and provides a consistent reference point.
  2. Jawline or cheekbone: Some archers choose to anchor their hand along the jawline or under the cheekbone. This can provide a solid and consistent reference point for the draw, especially if you use the thumb or pinky finger to create additional contact points.
  3. Earlobe or behind the jaw: Some archers anchor their hand behind the jaw or near the earlobe. This can be a consistent anchor point, but it may require some practice to find the ideal position.

No matter which anchor point you choose, the key is to maintain consistency in your form. Consistent anchor points lead to more accurate and repeatable shots. Experiment with different anchor points and find one that is comfortable and reliable for you. Remember to practice regularly to solidify muscle memory and maintain your form.

The Kisser Button Anchor

That being said, other options can give you an easily repeatable and consistent anchor point when shooting your bow.  It is the kisser button.

A kisser button is a small, usually round, or teardrop-shaped accessory that is attached to the bowstring of a compound or recurve bow. It serves as an additional reference point during the draw, helping to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Using a kisser button can be beneficial for archers, especially those who are new to the sport or are looking for a more consistent anchor point. When drawing the bow, the archer places the kisser button between their lips or against the corner of their mouth. This provides a tactile reminder of the correct anchor point, helping to maintain consistent form shot after shot.

To use a kisser button effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Install the kisser button on the bowstring. It should be positioned so that it naturally aligns with your lips or the corner of your mouth when you draw the bow at your preferred anchor point.
  2. Practice drawing your bow and positioning the kisser button consistently. This will help you develop muscle memory and improve your form.
  3. Fine-tune the kisser button’s position if needed. If you find that the kisser button isn’t aligning correctly, adjust its position on the bowstring until it feels comfortable and natural.

Keep in mind that a kisser button (or the alternate approach discussed here) is just one tool that can help you maintain a consistent anchor point. Some archers prefer not to use one, while others find it very helpful. It’s up to you to decide if using a kisser button is right for your shooting style and preferences.

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