2023 Bow Hunting Gear List Breakdown. See what I am carrying and why.

2023 Bow Hunting Gear List Breakdown (What I’m Carrying)

If you are trying to ensure you have everything you need for bow hunting this season, this post is for you. I’m going to break down my entire 2023 bow hunting gear list, what I’m carrying, and why. I will go into detail about what I’m using and hopefully, this will help you see what you are missing and help you understand what you might need that you do not have now. This is a pretty exhaustive list and you can see the significant changes I made from my 2022 gear list (and why), but I think you will find that this is pretty in-depth.

I hunt with both a saddle hunting and hang-and-hunt tree stand mobile setup. I do this because I do not like to hunt in my saddle when it is raining. I don’t want my ropes to get wet, especially on a multi-day hunt. I also have gear that helps me do a mobile ground hunting setup along with a hunting blind that I use from time to time provided I have the right location and opportunity. My 2023 bow hunting gear list breakdown here has them all.

The post below has the complete 2023 Bow Hunting Gear Dump. If you want to see each item and hear more details about it, watch this video too.

Don’t have time to read the entire post? Take it with you instead.

Bow Hunting Gear I Carry

The following list is the gear I carry into the woods and have on me. This is the system I use primarily for most hunts. I will cover my alternate bow hunting systems after this.

Compound Bow

The Bear Alaskan compound bow I am carrying as a part of my 2023 bow hunting gear list.
The 2022 Bear Alaskan compound bow. If you take note, I am carrying one of my 605-grain arrows from last year (straight fletch) and one has pink on the vanes (it is my target arrow, but ready to go if needed).

I’m using the same compound bow I carried last archery season. It is a mid-range budget bow and it shoots really well now that I added the Sunya stabilizer to it. It is longer than I like, but man does it work. I am using the Trophy Ridge Pursuit single-pin sight again, but only because one of the mounting bolts is stuck in the bow and I didn’t want to mess my bow up before the season. I am not a fan of the sight. I bought an Apex Covert Pro but wasn’t able to use it (obviously).

  • Bear Archery Alaskan (355 FPS) 26.5” draw length, 65lb Draw Weight – See it here

Arrows and Broadheads

I am using the Method Archery ZMR arrows this season. I used the HMRs last year at 605 grains and decided to use something closer to my optimal arrow weight. I am using the Magnus broadheads due to how well they shoot. They fly very close to my field points and I did not have to make any sight changes when I started shooting them. I am using a right-helical fletch on my arrows.

I originally did this because I was going to shoot a single-bevel broadhead this season but I ended up buying the wrong size and decided to stick with what is working (since I messed up and bought the wrong size thread for my arrows). My arrows are flying great.

  • Method Archery ZMR 350 (spine), 450 grains (with broadhead), 4 -Right Helical fletching – See it here
  • Magnus Black Hornet 125 grain Broadheads – See it here

Saddle Hunting Setup

My saddle hunting setup for 2023. It has the Cruzr XC saddle and Cruzr Mini-Seeker platform.

I am testing the Cruzr XC saddle this season after not being very happy with the Tethrd Phantom saddle last year. So far so good. I really like it so far. The expansion on it allows me to really lean back and relax. If you are saddle hunting and you aren’t using the Ropeman 1 ascender and are using the prusik knot for managing your ropes in the tree, you are truly missing out. They just make things so much easier.

The gear hanger from Genesis 3D Printing is small, light, and easy to set up. The additional clips listed below allow me to carry my gear so much more efficiently. I can attach my climbing sticks and platform to my saddle as I climb the tree and this makes climbing that much more efficient and quick.

Here is my saddle hunting gear list:

  • Tethrd 11mm Lineman’s Rope with Carabiner – See it here
  • Tethrd 11mm Tether with Carabiner – See it here
  • 2 – Ropeman 1 Ascenders (instead of Prusiks for managing rope length/safety) – See it here
  • G3D Cruzr Mini-Seeker Gear Hanger – See it here
  • 2 – G3D Climbing Stick Adaptive Hangers – See it here
  • 2 – Magazine Drop Pouches (for ropes) – See it here
  • Bow and Gear Hanger System (G3D) for Tree – See it here
  • 1 – Heroclip – See it here

What I Carry on Me

Here is what I carry on me when bow hunting as a part of my overall 2023 gear list.

An essential part of my bow hunting gear list is what I carry on me. For morning or evening hunts, I always have my red light-capable headlamp. I don’t like walking to my hunting spot using white light as it is easy to detect from large distances. I always keep my release on me too. I use a 4-finder style thumb release and it fits neatly into my pocket.

I always have my leatherman on my hip and my compass in one of my pants pockets.

the most essential piece of gear I carry on me is my milkweed pouch. I test the wind multiple times as I move to my tree stand location to ensure I have the right wind for the hunt. I can’t live without it.

Here is the list of what I carry on me when bow hunting:

I am using the Vortex Vanquish and Vortex Crossfire HB Binoculars this season.

What I Am Carrying in My Backpack

I am carrying the Trophyline Palisade Pack and Tethrd Skeletor climbing sticks, and the Cruzr mini-Seeker platform.

As you can see below. the list of stuff I am carrying in my backpack is pretty extensive. The main reason for this is because of the distance I usually hunt from my car or the cabin. I want to make sure I have everything I need. I carry my Skeletor climbing sticks and Cruzr Mini-Seeker platform on my Trophyline Palisade pack. I used the CAYS 2.0 pack from them last year and wanted to see how a molded pack would do.

You can see that I have a Havalon knife and another gut hook knife to gut a deer and I have my deer drag harness too. I have my deer calls and rangefinder in my pack, although sometimes I carry the rangefinder with me instead. Especially when still hunting. I have my flashlight and backup headlamp (red light capable) and I always have my hunting license in there too. You can see the list of items I keep in the backpack below.

This is what I carry in my backpack when bow hunting:

  • Trophyline Palisade Pack (for Saddle Hunters) – See it here
  • 4 – Tethrd Skeletor Climbing Sticks – See them here
    • Custom Gear Modifications 2-Step Aider – See it here
  • Cruzr Mini-Seeker Platform – See it here
  • Deer Drag Rope (Harness) – See it here
  • Deer Dressing Gloves – See them here
  • Havalon Knife (Gutting) – See it here
  • Secondary gut knife with gut hook and small bone saw (Don’t think they make this anymore)
  • Woodhaven The Intimidator Grunt Tube and Snort Wheeze Call – See it here
  • Primos Bleat Can – See it here
  • Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp (backup) – See it here
  • Gear Light S1200 Flashlight – See it here
  • Bushnell Bone Collector 1800 Rangefinder – See it here
  • Nite Ize Gear Ties – See it here
  • Hunting License and Tags w/Pen and Zip Ties (for Tagging Deer in the Ear)
  • Allen Wrench set (bow maintenance) – See it here
  • Ben’s Insect Shield Mosquito Head Net (early season if needed) – See it here
  • Fluorescent Orange Marking Tape (for blood trail marking) – See it here
  • String Snot Bowstring Wax – See it here
  • Hawk JAW EZ-Hoist (Bow) Rope – See it here
  • Wildlife Research Center Heavy Duty Washcloths (Anti-Odor) with Ziplock bag – See it here
  • Spare AA and AAA batteries
This is everything that is in my pack when bow hunting.

New Gear I Am Testing

The Ozonics gear I am testing this season includes the HR500 unit, the dry wash bag, and the Micro3.

You can see that I am using and testing a lot of new gear as compared to last year, but I am testing something I normally would not have purchased myself. Ozonics asked me to test some of their gear and I told them I would do an honest, non-biased review. They said OK and sent me the gear listed below. The HR500 unit is the only thing extra going in my pack (other than my camera gear) and seeing how it works will be an adventure. I am looking forward to it.

*If needed for glassing: Vortex Crossfire HD 10×42 Binoculars – See it here

My Bow Hunting Hang N’ Hunt Setup

My Hang and hunt setup with Novix Helo stand, Novix 32 inch climbing sticks, and safety harness.

As I said in the beginning, I use my Hang-and-hunt mobile setup when it rains or is calling for rain. I don’t like getting my ropes too wet as it degrades their strength and longevity if not cared for properly. I used the Novix Helo stand last year and it is really light and nice to carry. I have the climbing sticks quiver to carry the climbing sticks with the stand and it works very well. I often will carry my Skeletor sticks instead of the Novix sticks listed here so I can keep my backpack configuration the same with minimal changes.

The My Bow Buddy Bow Holder is one of the best new items I purchased this year. It is so easy to use and allows me to get my bow ready quickly with minimal movement while seated or standing. With this setup, I have to use my Hunter Safety Systems Safety Harness as opposed to my saddle.

This is my hang and hunt mobile bow hunting setup:

My Ground Hunting Setup

I am definitely not a ground hunter, but it is something I want to do more of. This year I have the gear to run a couple of different configurations. I can run a still-hunting setup with my leaf jacket. I can use the Cabelas EZ Blind along with my tree seat to do a mobile setup, or I can use the ground blind my wife bought me to do a full blind hunting setup. I have never hunted from the ground blind and don’t know if I will get the opportunity this season.

My blind, leaf top and balaclava and portable ground blinds.


There you go! That is my 2023 Bow Hunting Gear List Breakdown. If you think I’m missing something, should use something different, or have questions about the list, you can message me via the contact form here on the site or through YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. I hope this post has helped you take a good look at your own gear list and has helped fix any potential problems you might have had. Good luck!

Don’t have time to read the entire post? Take it with you instead.

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