How Do You Measure Arrow Length?

Measuring arrow length is an important step in making sure your arrows fit your bow and your shooting style just right.

Here’s how you can do it simply:

  1. Get Ready to Measure: First, you need an arrow that doesn’t have the point (the tip) attached yet. If you’re using an arrow that already has a point, that’s okay, but remember, the measurement might be a bit longer than if there was no point.
  2. Use a Measuring Tool: You’ll need something to measure with, like a tape measure or a ruler. Some archery shops have special tools for measuring arrows, but at home, a tape measure works fine.
  3. Find the Right Spot: The length of an arrow is measured from the throat of the nock (that’s the part of the nock closest to the arrow shaft) to the end of the shaft, not including the point. The throat of the nock is where the string sits when the arrow is nocked.
  4. Measure: Place the end of the tape measure or ruler at the throat of the nock, then stretch it out along the arrow shaft to the end of the shaft. That’s your arrow length!
  5. Mark It: If you’re cutting arrows to size, mark the shaft at the measured length before making any cuts. This ensures all your arrows are the same length and fit you perfectly.
How to Measure ATA Arrow Length.

Remember, the right arrow length for you depends on your draw length (how far back you pull the bowstring). A good rule of thumb is to choose arrows that are at least an inch longer than your draw length. This gives you some extra space to make sure the arrow doesn’t slip behind the bow when you’re drawing it back.

Measuring arrow length might seem like a small detail, but it’s super important for safety and for making sure your arrows fly straight and hit the target accurately. If you’re not sure about doing it yourself, you can always ask for help at an archery shop. They’re experts at this and can give you great advice on choosing the right arrows for your bow.

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