How Do You Measure Compound Bow String Length?

To measure the string length of a compound bow, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, gather the necessary tools: a tape measure or a ruler, a bow press (if available), and a pen and paper to jot down the measurements.
  2. If you have a bow press, use it to safely take the tension off the bowstring and cables. This will make it easier to measure the string without any tension affecting the length. If you don’t have access to a bow press, you can still measure the string, but be aware that the measurements may not be as accurate due to the string being under tension.
  3. With the tension off the bowstring (if using a bow press), start measuring from one end of the bowstring. Locate the string’s end loop where it attaches to the cam or limb. Measure from the outside edge of the loop.
  4. Stretch the bowstring out as straight as possible and measure along the entire length of the string, up to the outside edge of the loop on the other end.
  5. Record the measurement in inches. This is the length of your compound bowstring.

Keep in mind that the bowstring may have stretched over time or may have been replaced with a string of a different length. It’s a good idea to double-check the manufacturer’s specifications for your specific bow model to ensure you have the correct string length.

When ordering a replacement bowstring, provide the measured length along with your bow’s make and model. Bowstring manufacturers often use a system called AMO (Archery Manufacturers Organization) length, which is typically 3-4 inches longer than the actual string length. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure you order the correct AMO length for your bow.

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