What is the Best Tool to Find Wind Direction When Hunting?

Milkweed is an excellent, natural option for determining wind direction when hunting. Milkweed is lightweight and has a silky, cotton-like substance (called coma) attached to it, allowing it to drift easily with even the slightest breeze.

To use milkweed as a wind indicator, simply collect some mature milkweed pods before your hunting trip, open the pods, and remove the seeds with their attached coma. Store them in a small container or pouch that you can easily access while hunting.

When you need to check the wind direction, take out a seed or two and release it into the air. The milkweed seeds will drift with the wind, providing a clear and accurate indication of the wind direction.

Using milkweed as a wind indicator has several advantages for the average bow hunter:

  1. It’s a natural and environmentally friendly option, as the seeds will eventually break down and decompose.
  2. Milkweed is sensitive to even the slightest breeze, providing accurate wind direction information in various conditions.
  3. Milkweed can show the upward and downward thermal air currents in your hunting spot and can show you where your scent is heading, not just the direction.
  4. It’s an inexpensive and readily available option, particularly if you live in an area where milkweed grows naturally.

Knowing the wind direction is crucial for successful hunting, as it helps you stay downwind of your target and avoid alerting them with your scent. Whether you choose milkweed, a wind checker, or another method, regularly monitoring the wind direction will increase your chances of a successful hunt.

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